Choristers Guild Festival - Rocky Mountain Region

Saturday, February 24th in Cheyenne, WY
This event is sponsored by Choristers Guild of America, which supports and provides resources for church musicians, choirs, and students. You can read more about their mission here.



6:30 am - arrive at west (front) parking lot of Holy Comforter
6:45 am - depart parking lot, travel to Cheyenne
8:30 am - Registration begins
9:00 am - Rehearsals begin with breaks, lunch
2:00 pm - Festival Worship Service (all are invited to attend)
3:30 pm - change into travel clothes, gather all items and load up
4:30 pm - depart Cheyenne
6:00 pm - arrive in Broomfield (will email when close)

what to wear

ALL SINGERS in Tour and Training Choir are required to arrive in the parking lot on Saturday in the following:

  • red collared BCC shirt (does not have to be tucked in)
  • Hoodie or jacket to wear inside if it gets cold during rehearsal OR you may wear a long-sleeved shirt under your BCC shirt (black, white or grey only, no logos or pictures on exposed sleeves)
  • blue jeans of your choice (no jeggings, no holes, rhinestones, tears, rips, and no black jeans)
  • Tennis shoes of your choice (choose for comfort)
  • Coat to wear outside

What to Bring

Concert attire (dress, shoes, tights and undergarments for girls; shirt, pants, socks, shoes, belt for boys)
Bring ALL CONCERT DRESS ITEMS to rehearsal on Thursday, February 22nd.

  • dress or shirt/pants on a hanger with your name on the crook of the hanger (note card works well for this)
  • shoes, tights, socks, undergarments, etc. in a bag that hangs over the hanger
  • put name on all items you can!

Bring the following items with you on Saturday morning, February 24th, ALL IN ONE BACKPACK OR CINCH SACK.

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch in a container that can be folded up OR in a sack/bag that can be thrown away
  • Music in your folder (Tour Choir)
  • Book or written activity (coloring or drawing or crossword)

what not to bring

This one-day trip is a cellphone-free zone for all singers. All directors and our parent chaperones will have their cellphones with them at all times and can be reached in case of emergency. No phones or other personal electronic devices are allowed

contact information & concert attendance

We will provide a sheet with all contact information of chaperones when we get closer to the event. 

The concert takes place at Cathedral of Saint Mary in Cheyenne. View map

If you are driving your singer to WY on Saturday morning, we ask that you follow the bus.