Spring tour 2019

May 2 - 5, 2019 Omaha, Nebraska

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Communications during Tour

See numbers below to contact us, and see the tour schedule for addresses of places we will be.

Text/call Lena - 480.785.6610
Text/call Mary - 303.548.6123

Robin Tutt, chaperone - 720.252.3369
Nate, Alayna, Arya, Elizabeth

Marie Folmar, chaperone - 303.359.3000
Ava, Sarah, Cayla, Alex

James Larkin, chaperone - 303.946.8975
Arie, Cora, Laura

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trip payments (total cost is $451 per singer)

Make your payments on Realm, either by clicking above OR using the RealmConnect app. Remember to choose BCC from the dropdown menu.


tour Schedule - updated April 15, 2019

Download the tour schedule, which will be updated when new details become available.


packing list

Make sure you have everything you need, and that you don’t overpack!